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Easy-to-use Air Traffic Generator for FSX

AirTrafficFX is a powerful, yet simple-to-use air traffic generator for FSX. AirTrafficFX allows the user to add parked aircraft, local air traffic, enroute air traffic, and FSX ATC IFR air traffic. Formations can be added to local traffic, enroutetraffic, and even your own flight.

AirTrafficFX operates in real-time, no airline schedule management is required, and any installed fixed-wing aircraft can be used for air traffic generation.

AirTrafficFX Features

New Version 4.0 Features
Handles AI aircraft in a more direct manner for adding selected formation to user flights.

New Version 3.0 Features
  • Updates runway database to include information from add-on scenery packages

  • Version 2.0 Features
  • 'Time Delay' can be set to vary the amount of time AirTrafficFX waits before it adds an AI aircraft to FSX.

  • Any number of aircraft, parked aircraft, traffic options and delay times can be recorded during an AirTrafficFX session and reloaded in a later session.

  • Any number of files can be used for recording or playback in a single session.

  • Real-time Radar Display:
  • Displays location of user's aircraft and AI aircraft.

  • Displays airport runways, helipads and taxiway parking spots.

  • Displays aircraft type, altitude and airspeed.

  • Generate Air Traffic:
  • Static parked aircraft can be placed at the local airport.

  • FSX ATC AI controlled aircraft can be added at the local airport.

  • Local aircraft and formations can take-off, fly patterns around the local airport, and land.

  • Enroute aircraft and formations can follow flight plan waypoints.

  • Formations of up to six aircraft can follow the user's aircraft.

  • Formation Example Videos

    F/A-18 Blue Angels Clip 1

    F/A-18 Blue Angels Clip 2

    F/A-18 Blue Angels Clip 3

    P-51 Mustang Flyby

    Download Information

    The E-Commerce enabled download executable is about 5.15 MB in size. The purchase screen will appear when you run the executable.

    Via direct download (5.16 MB) - Version 4.28

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    AirTrafficFX Support

    Support for this product can be found via the Flight1 support site at

    System Requirements / FS Version Compatibility

    Windows XP / Vista Required

    USD - $ 24.95

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