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EFD 1000

Flight1 Aviation Technologies and Flight1 Software are proud to bring you the FS Aspen GA Glass panel solution for Flight Simulator X. The FS Aspen PFD system integrates virtually all instruments and gauges into an easy-to-use display for all your aircraft within your flight simulator and is one of the hottest selling GA retro displays available today.

Intro to Aspen Avionics & Flight1 FS Aspen

Aspen Avionics ( created the Evolution Flight Display system to replace the traditional, mechanical primary flight instruments with a vivid high resolution LCD display that tightens the pilot's instrument scan and reduces pilot workload and to allow a safer environment to fly in VFR and IFR conditions.

The Flight1 FS Aspen Gauge Pack for Microsoft Flight Simulator replaces the existing Attitude and Heading Indicator/HSI with a single panel display. This display provides users with an Attitude display, a lower Navigation Display, and a center data bar.

Product Features

FS Aspen PFD

The FS Aspen PFD display provides all the information from a traditional six-pack of mechanical instruments: Airspeed, Attitude, Altitude, Turn Coordinator, Heading Indicator (or HSI), and Vertical Speed Indicator. Some highlights included in the package are:

  • Full-Function EADI and EHSI with Center Data Bar.
  • Hot Keys for GPSS Steering, Map Display, Minimums, and 360/ARC Display.
  • Large Push and Rotate Type Knobs for Easy Use.
  • EADI features Flight Director (FD), speed tape, decision height and minimums annunciation, source indication, vertical and horizontal deviation indicators, and more.
  • EHSI features Rate of Turn Indicator, Track Marker, Selected Course and Heading fields, Course Deviation Scale and Indicator, CDI Navigation Source and Information Block, VOR1, VOR2, and GPS Navigation sources, and Map View with four-level declutter option, plus more.
  • Data Bar Group displays ground speed, true air speed, air temperature, wind direction arrow with numeric direction and speed indicator, and barometric pressure

  • S-TEC Fifty Five X Autopilot

    The software package also includes an S-TEC Fifty Five X Autopilot used in many GA aircraft today.

    User Guides / Manuals

    The software package also includes a copy of the actual EFD1000 PFD Pilot's Guide used by real world pilots, S-Tec 55X Pilot Operating Handbook, FS Panel Studio manual, and installation guide.

    F1 Gauge Utility

    F1 Gauge Config is a simple utility that you can use to quickly and easily install the FSAspen gauges into your favorite aircraft panel within Flight Simulator.

    FS Panel Studio Demo

    The FS Panel Studio Demo is provided to showcase FS Panel Studio ( FS Panel Studio is the best tool available for creating and editing Microsoft Flight Simulator panels.

    Download Information

    This product is packaged in the E-commerce wrapper and may be downloaded for immediate use. After you download the file, when you run the executable, the purchase screen will appear. The file size is about 35 MB in size.

    Version 2.5

    Download Now Available!

    FS Aspen Gauge Pack Support

    For support on this product, please go to the Panel Configuration forum located at here:

    System Requirements / FS Version Compatibility

    For Flight Simulator X Only

    USD - $ 32.95

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