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Only For Flight Simulator 2000!

FSClouds 2000 is now freeware! Click here to download! (10MB)
(Support is not provided on this product. Read all included documentation before installing.)

FSClouds 2000 is the latest edition of the FSClouds series and had been COMPLETELY redesigned from the ground up to work exclusively with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000.

Fly through practically unlimited skyscapes using the more than 60 new cloud components. See new dimensions in the sky as you fly past clouds that appear much more vaporous and volumetric. See bits of light illuminate the cloud edges on an early evening sunset or on an early morning sunrise. Different regular and 3D style cloud sets lack the traditional pixeling and allow for truly spectacular sunsets and sunrises.

The new Quick Flight feature is a lot of fun!

Using the new Quick Flight feature, you can set up an approach into any runway of more than 20,000 airports worldwide. Aircraft, altitude, speed, ILS frequencies, VOR's, ATIS, and more are all automatically set up when your Quick Flights are started. Spend an evening practicing approaches all over the world. All of this is through an easy point and click interface.

Scenario Editor

There is an included Scenario creator which allows you to package your flights and weather for later use, or to share with others. You can archive your favorite weather setups and apply them to any flight you want. Add a picture and a description, and this entire setup can be saved to a single file.

Jet Trails and Fog

Fly through the sky with visible jet trails that streak across the sky. A new special fog feature allows you to setup low level fog, with buildings rising above the dense fog layer.


FSClouds does not conflict with other current third party add-on software. So you know you can safely use FSClouds with other outside applications.

Extensive Documentation

FSClouds comes with extensive documention and help, making using the program very easy to understand. The ease of use was a main goal throughout the design and development of this product.

Earlier editions of FSClouds are included on CD ROM

Included on the soon to be released CD ROM version will be all releases of FSClouds for FS98, FSW95, and FS5.1.

Minimum Requirements

FSClouds 2000 does not hurt FS2000 performance, so as long as you have FS2000 running, FSClouds can run. You will need about 50 MB of hard disk space for installation.

USD - $ .00

Now Freeware!

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