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Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-17 by Bear Studios

The Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-17 (NATO reporting name "Fresco") is a Soviet jet fighter aircraft, in service from 1952.

The MiG-17 design was generally based on a previously successful Mikoyan and Gurevich fighter, the MiG-15. The major novelty was its introduction of a swept wing with a "compound sweep" configuration: a 45 angle near the fuselage, and a 42 angle for the outboard part of the wings. Other easily visible differences to its predecessor were the three wing-fences on each wing, instead of the MiG-15's two, and the addition of a ventral fin. The MiG-17 shared the same Kilmov VK-1 engine and the rest of its construction was similar. The first prototype, designated "SI" by the construction bureau, was flown on the 14 January 1950, piloted by Ivan Ivashchenko.

Despite the SI prototype's crash on 17 March 1950, tests of another prototype "SI-2" and experimental series aircraft "SI-02" and "SI-01" in 1951, were generally successful, and on 1 September 1951 the aircraft was accepted for production. It was estimated that with the same engine as the MiG-15's, the MiG-17's maximum speed is higher by 40-50 km/h, and the fighter has greater maneuverability at high altitude. Serial production started in August 1951. During production, the aircraft was improved and modified several times. The basic MiG-17 was a general-purpose day fighter, armed with three cannons and considered to be most effective in action against enemy aircraft. It could also act as a fighter-bomber, but its bomb load was considered light relative to other aircraft of the time, and it usually carried additional fuel tanks instead of bombs.

Additional variants followed...

New Service Pack 5 Features!

  • FSX All Versions, ESP (Prepar 3D) and FS2004 Compatible
  • FSX and ESP (Prepar 3D) versions have FSX format models, DX10 Compatibility.
  • High Detail Exterior and Cockpit Models, Canopy / Storage Jettisons Animation, Eject Seats, detailed cockpit with classic gauges, Commutation Navigation and Firing Control systems.
  • Weapon system and deliverable weapons simulated.
  • High Detail Texture, gauges with back light. 2 colors Cockpit flood light and console light effects, controlled by interior light system.
  • Navigation / Beacon lights, Working Rocket smoke tail, Aero Effects and sound effects included.
  • Full 3D cockpit, Switchable Forward and Rear Cockpit both in FS2004 and FSX versions.
  • Eight MiG-17 main variant with 10 models for different payload configuration.
  • System simulations for radar, range and target designate equipments.
  • FSX VC model have shadow casting in SP5. It applies more realistic visual effect by casting cockpit equipment shadows on other panel and console surfaces.

  • Product Features

  • Very detailed aircraft models, from 51000 polygons (1-seat fighter) to 59000 polygons (2-seats trainer).
  • Very detailed cockpit models: Switches click with functioning Throttle, sticks, Rudder Pedals, Valves, Knobs, Buttons in cockpit. FT-5 versions has rear cockpit and front cockpit details.
  • Panel rendering from 3D cockpit models
  • Mix of photo real and hand drawn cockpits with the layout referenced from official MiG-17F cockpit layout, MiG-17PF layout and FT-5 layout.
  • APN-4N Gyro Gun sight (3 modes, range, pitch, and Radar, in VC and panel)
  • Gunfire, drop tanks/bombs, eject seats, ground maintainence models.
  • Very detailed pilot model, 3 versions for historical accurate look.
  • Aircraft models include mass production MiG-17 sub versions, 18 models for different history stages and countries:

  • Russian: MiG-17A, MiG-17F, MiG-17PF, MiG-27PFU
    Poland: Lim-5, Lim-6Bis, LiM-6R
    China: J-5(F-5), J-5A (F-5A, MiG-17PF), JJ-5(FT-5)

  • 37 historical real skins.
  • Russian 1950's gauges with Working RP-2U/RP-5 Radar, SRD-1M Range Finder, Radar Gunfight Crosslink System (FS2004/FSX).
  • Flight models for different MiG-17's sub versions, accurate to MiG-17's reference charts.
  • Paint kit includes for easy to create MiG skins.
  • FS9/FSX Compatibility
  • VK-1F engine sound pack, high-G stress, pilot weakness sound effects, high-g vapor effects, and engine flame and exhaust effects, gun, smoke, ROCKET/Missile fire effects.
  • "Live" drop tanks and payload. You can set the aircraft with different payload configurations before flight, and when the drop tank released, fuel in the drop tanks actually reduce to 0.
  • System failure logics for gauges, transponder gauge to meet real SOV-IFF system.
  • Emgcy Power Source System and logics for system failures. For example, with engine or hydraulic failure in the air, gear, flaps, spoilers can not extend by the normal way. The Emgcy system however can operate them (limited to 15 sec when hydraulics are lost totally).
  • Camera Views for FSX (FT-5 Version aircraft has Rear Cockpit View). In FS2004, you can apply edited eye point values to set the rear cockpit as default eye point.
  • There is an in-depth user manual included (in PDF format) with MiG-17 history, along with detailed aircraft information and instructions.

  • Download Information

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    Both the FSX and FS9 versions are included. The installer will give you a choice for which one you want to install.

    Note: This version contains Service Pack 5 (SP5). If you are upgrading from an earlier version, simply select the Reinstall option from the downloaded EXE. Uninstall your previous version first.

    Download the MiG-17 here! (144MB)

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    FS Version Compatibility / System Requirements

    Windows - Windows XP or Win7/Vista
    Processor - 2.8 GHz
    Video Card - 256 Mb
    Memory - 2 Gb RAM
    Hard Drive - 180 Mb

    Windows - Windows XP or Win7/Vista
    Processor - 2.8 GHz
    Video Card - 256 Mb
    Memory - 2 Gb RAM
    Hard Drive - 400 Mb

    USD - $ 29.95

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