Ideal Flight 10 Special Edition Augemented

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Deciding where to fly next is made easy with Flight1's latest utility. Generate random flights or continue from where you left any aircraft parked at the click of a button.


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Ideal Flight 10 Special Edition Augemented

Note: October 31, 2023 - This is a new version. Please go to Ideal Flight Report page - to read more about the latest versions of Ideal Flight.

About Ideal Flight

Take the burden out of setting up a flight in your Flight Simulator. The simple press of a button creates a completely new flight each time with weather, flight plan, and briefing.

That's just a part of Ideal Flight it works with any addon, and its comprehensive feature superset makes Ideal Flight an essential add-on for Flight Simulator.

Ideal Flight is a whole new adventure.

Do more flying, see more airports, feel the environment come alive.

Augmented Program Enhancements

NOTE: This version requires that you have already purchased the regular version of Ideal Flight 10 Special Edition, which is located here

FMS File Format Support

FMS co-route file formats exported by Ideal Flight 10 >augmented, showing some examples of aircraft supported:

  • FS9 .PLN - FS2004
  • PMDG .rte v1 - J4100
  • PMDG .rte v2/3 - 737, 777
  • PMDG .rt2 v1 - 747
  • PMDG .WX v1 - 777 weather
  • iFly .FLTPLAN v1 - 737
  • QW .RTE v1 - RJ100
  • Aerosoft Airbus X Extended .flp - AXE
  • Level-D .rte v1 - 767
  • Majestic .fpr vQ400 - Dash 8
  • VATSIM Prefile
  • Carousel IV-AC INS .AWC WP - FSL Concorde-X, Waypoints data cards
  • Carousel IV-AC INS .ADC DME - FSL Concorde-X, DME Station data cards
  • Read Before Purchase - Important Activation Information

    This product requires activation with a product registration code. To activate, you will use your Flight1 Product Certfificate code. It will look like XD32432-AABBCCDD. This code will be near the top of the Download box in the Flight1 Agent Library.

    You should have already purchased the the base, standard version. This registration is added on top of the standard version registration.

    You will add your registration code in the RED BOX below. You will add that to the BLUE BOX below.

    Ideal Flight 10 Special Edition from Flight1 Required

    This version requires that you have already purchased the standard version of Ideal Flight 10 Special Edition from Flight1 (do not purchase this if you purchased Ideal Flight from another source and it does not say "Special Edition" in the title), which is located here. The Augmented puchase only supplies the upgrade code, not the product itself.


    Click here for a list of all Ideal Flight products (or click here for the P3D v2 and v3 version).

    Important: Please be aware of our refund policy before purchasing.