iFly Jets Advanced Series - The 737 MAX8 for Prepar3D

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iFly brings you one of the most advanced study-level simulators ever in the 737 MAX 8 & 8-200! v1.0.1.1


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iFly Jets Advanced Series - The 737 MAX8 for Prepar3D

iFly Jets Advanced Series - The 737-MAX8 & 8-200 is iFly Development Team's most advanced aircraft to date. This product is exclusively for Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D v5.3+, and brings "study level" to a whole new level.

Note that this product is not compatible with Prepar3D versions 4 or 6. Only P3D v5 is supported.

The iFly Developer team started with a clean slate for the 737-MAX8... it has been completely built from the ground up. Aircraft systems, Virtual Cockpit, Exterior model, Texturing, Sounds, all have been meticulously modelled. A team of over 15 developers, MAX pilots, and technical advisors participated to make this one of the most advanced simulations ever released for the PC. Sounds were recorded from a MAX, along with extensive use of videos and photos from the programmers, pilots, and advisory staff.

iFly Development Team has taken the maximum advantage of features within the Prepar3D v5 platform to maximize both the appearance and performance of this aircraft.

With a highly accurate simulation of the cockpit and systems, modelling, and texturing, along with extensive ground support features with push back, we believe this will provide you the max MAX experience. The product has been flight tested for hundreds of hours by real MAX8 pilots to bring the accuracy required for this simulation.

Extensive aircraft configurations are available via the MyFleet configuration tool, including jet engine rating types. You can configure the aircraft to match your favourite airline options. The Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) handles aircraft functions via the SIMU menu. In addition, you can view Charts (Navigraph required), Airport Taxi Layouts, and calculate Aircraft Performance values.

The super-high resolution virtual cockpit makes the cockpit extremely readable on your monitor. It is also an ideal simulation for those that use Virtual Reality headsets.

IMPORTANT: Please read http://ifly.flight1.net/forums/topic20606.html before purchase!

Main Features

Flight Systems and Modelling

Dozens of features make up the flight systems and models included in product.



Exterior Model

Virtual Cockpit

Other Systems


Discount for 737 NG for P3D Customers!

If you purchased iFly Jets Advanced Series - The 737NG for Prepar3D v5, or iFly Jets - The 737NG for Prepar3D (v1 through 4), iFly would like to offer a discount. Make sure you use the Coupon/Voucher then Auto-Coupon feature when selecting the product to get a 30% off (for the Advanced V5 edition) and 20% off (for the P3D v1 through v4 edition). If you love this product and the amazing value it provides, we hope you'll spread the word!


It is of utmost importance that you always have the latest version (registered or unregistered) of FSUIPC installed to avoid any issue! The latest version can always be downloaded here: http://www.fsuipc.com/

iFly Community Forums for support, updates, and a whole lot more!

Make sure you visit the iFly forum community for product support, repaint information, updates, and a whole lot more. This community is very active with many other iFly pilots, real world pilots, cockpit builders, texture artists, and many others.

iFly Community Forums


By iFly; 8 & 8-200: (Updated 2023/03/08)


Customized By Maxime Konareff; 8 & 8-200:


Flight1 Library for Repaints: http://library.flight1.net/ or use the included Livery Manager (recommended).

Latest Service Packhttps://flight1.100megabyte.com/iFly-737-MAX8-P3D-SP1.0.1.1.exe 

System Requirements

Lockheed Martin Prepar3D 5.3+
3.4GHz Quad-Core Processor (4.0+ GHz, 8+ Core recommended)
3.4GB of Local Drive disk space where C:\\...%Documents\Prepar3D v5 Add-ons\ resides, (not OneDrive\Documents)
8GB RAM (16GB or more recommended)
6GB VRAM (8GB or more recommended)
Windows 10 build 19041 or higher, Windows 11
Mouse with Scroll wheel
FSUIPC for TCAS, IVAO/VATSIM, Auto Brake system.
http://www.fsuipc.com/ (registered or unregistered)


Navigraph subscription for EFB Terminal Charts https://navigraph.com/home
Active Sky P3D for WXR https://hifisimtech.com/

For correct visuals the following settings in P3D must be enabled:

Enhanced Atmospherics (TrueSky)
Dynamic Lighting
Dynamic Reflections
Internal Vehicle Cast & Receive Shadows
Looks best on IPS monitors or high-resolution VR Headsets

Important: Please be aware of our refund policy before purchasing.