Active Sky P3D v6

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Active Sky P3D v6 is the newest weather engine in the Active Sky line!


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Active Sky P3D v6

Announcing: Active Sky P3D v6, the newest weather engine in the Active Sky line!

This new product integrates specifically with the new Prepar3D v6 platform, taking advantage of its new atmospheric engine and various graphical and lighting improvements to provide an enhanced  and comprehensive weather experience.

ASP6 includes the Active Sky advanced weather engine, air effects, flight planning and briefing features, mapping, historical weather with playback, voice features, weather gauge, and much, much more.

P3Dv6 Features:

(Description, features, specifications and requirements are subject to change)

P3Dv6 New Atmospherics Engine

The new Atmospherics Engine in P3Dv6 offers new volumetric clouds that replace the previous EA/trueSKY clouds when using the volumetric clouds as set with the P3Dv6 cloud quality option. Some features of ASP6 are not compatible when using volumetric clouds at this time. This includes: Cloud detection features, in-cloud motion effect, in-cloud visibility reduction, high-resolution radar/precipitation accuracy, and ASCA compatibility.

When using non-volumetric (legacy) clouds, all cloud-detection features and cloud structure/texture ASCA compatibility are available.


*Active Sky P3D v6 is an online product that will require the creation of a new user account. You must be logged in to use the software. One login per user account is permitted. You can install the software on multiple machines and/or move the software to other machines, but may be logged in only once at a time. Using Active Sky P3D v6, creating a user account, and logging into the system require the acceptance of the Privacy Policy at

Important: Please be aware of our refund policy before purchasing.