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Convert 3rd Party Purchase to Flight1 Agent

If you purchased a product through a 3rd party site, you may be able to convert your product serial number so you can access it in the Flight1 Agent.

Important: The Flight1 account email address MUST be the same account used when you activated the serial number originally.

To convert the order to our system:

1. Download and install the Flight1 Agent. See http://www.flight1.com/view.asp?page=agent
2. After you install the Agent, open the Agent and log in using your Flight1 account.
3. Select the store that has the product. For example: Flight One Software or QualityWings. Select the product to convert.
4. Select the Coupon/Voucher button that is under the image slider.
5. Select the Redeem Voucher Code button. Enter your product serial number and redeem.

You should now have the product in the Flight1 Agent Library tab.

Note You will need to use your ORIGINAL serial number to register for any forums. The code given to you after you convert the order will not work in the forums.

If none of the above can resolve your issue, please contact our accounts team using the button below.