Flight1 Refund Policy Information

For many years Flight1 prided itself on our flexible refund policy. We believe we were the only company in the industry to provide refunds as a standard policy on orders. This was due, in part, to favorable terms negotiated with our payment provider, PayPal (for both credit card and PayPal transactions). When Flight1 processed a refund, we would also be refunded the processing fees on the original transaction.

Recently, PayPal changed their policies and they are retaining all fees incurred on refunded purchases, which in some cases can be more than 6%. Flight1 was grandfathered in for some time due to our original agreement, but this has expired. This means that every refund costs us the original transaction fees.

In light of this, and other factors such as dealing with refund abuse (classified as most orders being refunded by a customer), we have found it necessary change over to an All Sales Are Final policy.

This decision did not come easy. And it is not to say that we will not provide an occasional refund in some cases (please see our Terms of Service for more details as fees may apply). We did want to be transparent about why we made this policy change.

Here is an excellent article that covers the primary issue.