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Flight1.com Policies and Terms of Service

By using this site or the Flight1 e-commerce system, you agree to the following terms of service. Please be aware of these terms before you make any purchase:

Liability and Usage

Flight1.com nor its affiliates are responsible for any failure to provide this service nor can we guarantee the accuracy or timeliness of all the data on the site.

By using the Flight1.com web site, you agree to not use the services or site in ways it was not intended.

Purchasing Products


Although we strive hard for accuracy, Flight1.com can't guarantee the site to be error free. If there is an error or other event that causes a transaction to be inaccurate, Flight1.com at its option will either A) Refund the entire amount of the purchase or B) Contact you regarding the transaction, with a remedy to the problem. In either case a full refund may be given if no remedy can be found.

Fraud Protection

Flight1.com being a site open to the Internet public for e-commerce may require certain accurate data before being able to ship or complete an order. This may include the need for accurate information that matches the owner of the credit card or actual customer making the transaction, as well as accurate data submitted. Providing inaccurate information could prevent you from completing your order placing future orders through Flight1.com. The requirements for accurate information may be, but not limited to, the following:

1. Name
2. Address
3. Telephone Number
4. E-mail Address

Also note that some anonymous or free email services may not be allowed for email addresses. Make sure if you are using a non-ISP email account that it is through one of the major known free-email services.

In cases where Flight1.com sees it necessary to validate certain information from the purchaser, an order may be withheld. In this case, we will contact the purchaser to get corrected, or validated information. In the cases where we do not receive a timely response from the customer, we will refund the transaction.

Also, please be aware that IP Addresses are captured when orders are placed through the shopping cart or through the electronic E-Commerce system, and may be used or turned over to authorities in establishing or investigating fraud on particular orders. Internet fraud costs us all, and Flight1.com will do its part to help slow down fraud on the Internet.

Purchasing Download Products

Full details of how our download system works can be viewed here. Flight1 does not charge any re-download fees to original purchasers of downloaded software should they need to re-download the product, but we do recommend making a backup of your download to make reinstallation faster. If one of our products has been discontinued and you do need to re-download the product, please contact customer service and we can provide you links to the product. Do note that Flight1 does provide e-commerce services for other vendors, and that other vendors individual policies may apply if the product you purchased is not managed by Flight1.

Important Flight1 Support Policies

All product specific technical support is handled via our web forum systems. We maintain a ticket system to deal primarily with ecommerce issues that the automated systems on our support page can't handle. These include problems with your order, website questions, or other issues related to your orders or Flight1 account. Our official hours of operation are regular business hours Monday through Friday (USA time), excluding holidays.

Flight1 only supports the original purchaser of a product. If you acquire a product from the original purchaser, a transfer fee may be required in order to renew support for the product. License transfers are only valid if Flight1 is contacted by the original purchaser in advance of any transfer.

Please note that because product support is handled via our public web forums, you will need to abide by the terms in the forums. If you make posts there that are inflammatory, abusive, or harassing, your account there may be closed and further support will not be provided.

Refunds and Returns

As a general policy, subject to the refund policies listed below, Flight1 allows most products to be returned or refunded within 30 days of purchase unless it is noted on the product page for the title that the sale is final. In some cases a refund may not be able to be processed. Please read the information below for more information on our refund policies.

Refund Policies:

On boxed or CD ROM titles, only the product price is refunded, not the shipping. All products must also be returned in excellent condition, with no items or inserted material missing.

If your order was purchased from a file using the Flight1.com Download E-Commerce system, we will require you to fill out a simple online affidavit stating proper removal of the title and keys from your computer. This is handled online via our ticket system.

Please note that in some instances your ability to purchase new products or receive refunds may be denied if it turns out there is a considerably high rate of refunds associated with a credit card number, person, or email address. This is to protect Flight1 against potential fraud (see the notes in the fraud section below), or bank expenses. We want to be as fair as possible, and it is common for there to be an occasional refund. If your account or other information are flagged in our system, and you want to discuss this with Flight1 administrators, please contact us via our ticket system.

Currency Exchange

Please note that Flight1.com only uses USD (US Dollars) for transactions, even though you may be charged in your own local currency. There may be currency exchange fees or other fees your payment provider may apply. This is beyond our control. Also note that refunds may be slightly different due to the exchange rates between your original purchase date and the refund date, in addition to possible card fees for international purchases your bank charges. This could effect the total value you get back. In most cases the difference would be just a few percentage points.

Protection Against Fraud

Flight1 may suspend the ability to purchase if your account or information is associated with potential fraudulent activity, such as if multiple purchases are associated with a high percentage of refund requests, if there are multiple refund requests in a row, if purchases or purchase attempts contain potentially invalid information, if excessive purchase attempts have been made which the bank declined, if Flight1 receives evidence that you have shared your product illegally, or for any other reason that Flight1 sees as necessary in order to prevent Internet based fraud.

If you think our system has prevented you from purchasing a product in error, please contact us via our ticket system, as we may be able to find the cause and help clear the situation.

Privacy and Use of Information

Flight1 respects your privacy, and will keep all your information private, except what could occur under the following:

  1. If your information is requested as part of a valid law enforcement agency request.
  2. If your information has been associated with fraudulent activity, and releasing your information to third parties is required as part of legal proceedings or investigations.
  3. If you specifically opt-in to events where it is noted in advance that certain information may be made public, such as contests where we list the winners.
  4. If you purchase a non-Flight1 product from a vendor that uses our e-commerce services. Some information is shared with vendors that use our e-commerce system to sell their products. This is required so they can service your order. Please check with the vendor for their individual privacy policy. However, the data Flight1 retains in this situation is still fully covered under our privacy policy.

Please note that information you make publicly available via one of our Internet discussion forums is beyond our control, and can't be considered private.

Flight1 does not use your data for marketing purposes. Please note number 4 above if you purchase a 3rd party product through us.

Asides from any of the notes above, Flight1.com fully regards your privacy and we will never sell nor give your private information to parties outside the direct Flight1.com family. Private information includes both physical and e-mail addresses, phone numbers, or other personal information. Also, your full credit card data is not stored on our servers for both yours and our protection.


Flight1.com reserves the right to edit or remove content as it deems necessary. We may change terms of this agreement without prior notice. If you find errors on Flight1.com, or violations of out Terms of Service, please contact us via our ticket system.

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