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Instant Scenery 2 - An Even Easier Way to Make Scenery

Instant Scenery 2 is a tool for adding 3D objects to Flight Simulator scenery in a very easy way. It allows you to enhance scenery without leaving Flight Simulator. Easily add, move and delete objects with the mouse and see the results of your actions directly in the Flight Simulator view without having to reload scenery every time. This allows you to place every object correctly on the very first attempt - literally just point and click! And if you still don't like the result of an editing action, there is an unlimited undo/redo.

Instant Scenery 2 offers many advantages over the first version of Instant Scenery. The new version allows you to directly position and manage objects with the mouse, lets you easily create lines of objects, create exclusion rectangles and organize models into favorites. The new Object List feature allows you to keep track of objects you placed. And the new redesigned user interface makes selecting models even easier than with version 1.

Flight Simulator comes with 1000's of models that can be used for scenery objects. These include buildings, vehicles, landmarks, obstacles etc. They are organized into several "libraries". Instant Scenery allows you to use all these models in your scenery. In addition, you can download many add-on libraries made by other Flight Simulator users and use them too.

You can choose models by name, or browse through thumbnail images of all models in a specific library. Instant Scenery comes with thumbnail images for models included in global libraries that came with Flight Simulator. If add-on libraries include thumbnails, Instant Scenery can use them too.

The user interface allows you to set many parameters for every object, including heading, scale, elevation and the scenery complexity level.

The scenery you create with Instant Scenery can be easily shared with other Flight Simulator users. They do not have to own Instant Scenery in order to enjoy it.

Instant Scenery 2 Demo Video

What's New in Version 2

Direct editing with the mouse in FSX and FS2004: Add, select, move and delete objects simply by pointing with the mouse in the 3D view. Rotate objects using the mouse wheel. You can have several view windows open at once - the mouse will work in every one of them. You can easily access most Instant Scenery functions from the context menu. And you can move your aircraft around by simply dragging the ground with the mouse.

Organize models into favorites: You can create folders with favorite models for easy access. Just right-click on a thumbnail image of the model and select "Add to favorites" - and it will always be at hand.

Create lines of objects: You can create lines of objects by simply clicking with the mouse on line ends. Of course, you will immediately see the line of objects stretching as you move the mouse.

Create and edit exclusion rectangles: Need to clear an area of buildings and trees before placing your objects? Just draw an exclusion rectangle with the mouse around the area. The next time you start Flight Simulator, the area will be cleared.

Object labels: You can have information about objects you placed (model and library name, scenery complexity, elevation etc.) shown in the 3D view as labels superimposed over objects. With labels enabled, you will easily see where all of your objects are located, especially in the top-down view. You can also display labels for objects from all scenery files, so you can easily answer the question "Which BGL file contains the object in front of me?"

Object list: A list of all objects in the file you are editing can be displayed in a separate window. For every object, you can see its name, distance and bearing from the aircraft location, along with the scenery complexity setting. When you click on a list item or navigate through the list using arrow keys, the corresponding object will be highlighted and the user aircraft will be optionally positioned in front of it. You will never lose track of any objects you placed!

Product Features

Seamless integration into Flight Simulator: Instant Scenery runs as a module directly in Flight Simulator and can be started from its menu. You add and move objects using the mouse directly in Flight Simulatorand see them exactly like they will appear in the scenery, without having to restart FS. You don't have to compile scenery, or tell FS to reload it - when needed, Instant Scenery automatically takes care of these tasks.

Object placement with the mouse: You can Add, move or delete objects simply by pointing with the mouse in the 3D view. The mouse wheel allows you to rotate objects. Using the mouse, you can also move your aircraft around by dragging the ground. In FSX, you can also change the view direction using the mouse wheel.

Easy and intuitive user interface: All Instant Scenery controls are located in a small window that does not obscure your view. Easily select models by browsing through thumbnails or by name. Use the mouse to move objects around. You will immediately see the effect of your changes directly in the Flight Simulator view, which allows you to place every object correctly on the very first attempt.

Works with FSX and FS2004: Instant Scenery works with both FSX and FS2004. A special compatibility mode allows you to make scenery that works in both flight simulators.

Uses all libraries: Both FSX and FS2004 come with extensive libraries containing 1000's of models. In addition to these, Instant Scenery is compatible with all add-on libraries made by Flight Simulator users for FS2004 and FSX (FSX libraries are only usable by the FSX version). This allows you a vast choice of objects to use in sceneries you create.

Advanced settings: For every object, Instant Scenery allows you to set its location, heading, elevation, scale, pitch/bank and the scenery complexity setting at which it appears.

Full Undo/Redo: In case you make a mistake, Instant Scenery offers an unlimited Undo/Redo functionality. Simply click on the Undo button to reverse the effect of your previous editing actions.

FSDiscover! points of interest: You created some interesting locations in your scenery, but will users ever notice them? Instant Scenery allows you to add FSDiscover! POIs to your scenery. This allows FSDiscover! users to easily find all highlights of your scenery and to plan sightseeing flights over it.

Creates scenery that works for everyone: Instant Scenery creates standard BGL files that can be used by every Flight Simulator user. The users of your scenery don't need to own Instant Scenery. To share your scenery with others, simply share the BGL file you created.

System Requirements / FS Version Compatibility

Windows - Windows 7, Vista or XP

USD - $ 29.95

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