DVD Version to Download version

The following product can be converted to allow for the download version:

iFly Jets - The 737NG for FSX DVD Edition

Important - You must have a Flight1 Account: A Flight1 account is required to convert to a download version. Please visit the Flight1 Accounts Page for more information or to open an account.

Along with your Flight1 account email address, you will need to have the original registration code that was included with the product packaging. The code would either be printed on the product manual, or as a sticker placed inside the DVD case. The code is a 2-part code that would look similar to 123456-AABBCCDD.

After your registration code is validated, you will have a "virtual" order number generated for the new product. Important information about your download product will be presented after you successfully submit the required information below. A copy of this information will also be emailed to you so make sure you can receive email from Flight1.com. Click here to run an email test.

Registration Code:
(e.g. 123456-AABBCCDD)
Flight1 Account Email Address:
Flight1 Account Password:

After you convert to a download version, how you install depends on how the product is distributed (it varies depending on the product). If you download the Flight1 Agent, it will show in your library. If you use a downloaded wrapped EXE, you will use the "Click Here to Reinstall" button. Please follow these steps install your download product.

To read more about Flight1 Accounts, click here.

If you have the download version and lost your certificate information, please go to this Flight1 Customer Service page. Here you can do the following and a lot more: