Bundled Product Downloads

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EZdok Camera 2

You must have purchased the product listed below:

EZdok Camera
(Valid for purchases on or after December 1, 2016)

To receive your bundled product, please enter your EZdok Camera certificate number and current email address assigned to your order. After your registration is validated, you will have a new order number generated for the new product. Important infomation about your new bundled product will be presented after you successfully submit the required information below. A copy of this information will also be emailed to you.

Registration Code or Certificate:
(e.g. 123456-AABBCCDD)
Current Email Address on Order:

Your certificate or registration code was given to you at the time of your download purchase, or it is printed as part of your DVD packaging. For download products, your certificate is located in the vendor's home folder where your product key was originally stored (e.g. C:\Company Name), and it was also emailed to you in your purchase verification email. You can also retrieve the code via our customer service pages.

After you add a new bundled item, you will use the "Click Here to Reinstall" button in the ecommerce EXE you will download for the new product. Please follow these steps to get your product key or to install your new product.

1. If you have a Flight1 Account and your previous order was assigned to an account, we will also try to carryover your account to the new product. If you have problems reinstalling using your account, please use the order assignment page to assign all your orders to your account. When you use Flight1 accounts, you do not need a key file.

2. If you do not have a Flight1 account, you will need a key file. You can get key files here. Alternatively, you can open a Flight1 account and assign your order to your account.

To read more about Flight1 Accounts, click here.

If you have the download version and lost your certificate information, please go to this Flight1 Customer Service page. Here you can do the following and a lot more:

• Get lost order numbers
• Have your certificate numbers emailed to you
• Change the email adddress on file